Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sowwy Face: One of my favorite stories from when Tuck was still a little guy.

February 14th, 2008 ...
Home today with the kids, and thank God for that 'cause Isaac "Acky" is sick with a wicked cough. I just wanted to share a little something that happened this morning that I think you should get a kick out of.
There is a light switch in the family room that controls the TV, the lamp and the ceiling light. This particular light switch was taped down originally until Tucker discovered the magic behind this one switch. He will not stop flipping it after I have told him over and over that he is not to touch it! He just smiles with glee and does it I put him in a timeout, he serves his time, and then later revisits his wonderful magical light switch.
This morning he did it FIRST THING while coming down the stairs, as if he had been dreaming about it all night, and thinking about it since the moment that he woke up! So I put him in a timeout. He was pretty upset because he thought he was on his way to a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch...but the sugary delight would have to wait. He cried with his head tilted back and his face looking straight up to the ceiling for a little while...then he finally calmed down. I went over to him and asked him why he was in a time out, of which he responded "Ah...light..touch no, no". I said "that's right. you don't touch the light switch that's a no, no. Now give me a hug" So we hugged. "Now tell mommy you are sorry" at which he was then pulling away to go get his breakfast, and mumbled with a whimpering voice "sowwy mommy" I said "Tucker...say it to my face" He then turned to me with a pitiful look on his face and trembling voice and said "Sowwy face" and he kissed me on the cheek. LOL. That was pretty funny and so cute.
Love you and miss you!

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