Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tomorrow is the last day of 2010

Well...I started a blog. WOW. What an undertaking. Well not really...I'm just really impatient and generally don't have the internal "calm" that one might need to set this whole thing up. But, I did...and I'm quite proud actually. Tomorrow is one more day of 2010...and we will be stepping into 2011. What happened!? We have lived here in Knoxville, TN for three years already? REALLY??? It truly feels as though we just got here...just got settled...just got comfortable. I guess the old saying is true...time flies when you're having fun. These past few years have been something to remember. What a journey God has us on down here in would be a shame not to document it...and so we shall BLOG!

I want to also have a fun way to stay connected with family and friends OTHER then the traditional Facebook. Sometimes I like to send emails home but there is this little voice in my head that sometimes says..."they don't wanna hear about this Cammy!" and I start to feel like my lengthy updates are a bit assumptive and slightly narcissistic.  So a blog allows those who remain interested in our most recent events and over all general well-being to...well....they can check out our blog!

I promise we will not blog everyday, but we will keep you posted on the funny moments with the boys...latest big events or activities worth sharing and of course our faith journey in Christ.

Thanks for checking in! xoxo -Cammy

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